Our Story

At AthletIQ, our mission is simple...

We want to provide the best programming in the world to Everyday Athletes...the business owner, the stay-at-home parent, the college kid paying their own way through school...

We think that every BODY is the body of an athlete. If you train, nourish, and maintain it the right way, then you can optimize its performance to accomplish great things.

For Gym Owners and Coaches

Eliminate hours of reading, planning, and adjusting. Focus on coaching and developing relationships with your members. Our programs are written by Certified coaches with years of experience and can be adapted to meet your clients' needs.

For Gym-Goers

Stop wasting time on Google looking for another chest day and don't waste any more money on one-size fits all templates. Subscribe to our programming and get access to a REAL COACH who can track your performance and progress. 

About Us

AthletIQ was founded with the understanding that science and knowledge are the only ways to truly optimize the time and effort expended on health/performance. Our focus has always been to passionately pursue excellence through the collection and application of knowledge from the most credible sources. We spend countless hours learning, reviewing, and analyzing literature and theory so that we can pass along that knowledge through the programs we provide.

AthletIQ Founder, Greg Swafford, wanted to build a fitness company that applied the same level of excellence and professional expertise to everyone--from Pro Athletes to Everyday Athletes. Greg holds a B.S. from Emory and Henry College in Athletic Training and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.