Elevation Program

ALL IN! That’s what describes the Elevation Program and the type of person who should apply for it! Elevation pulls out all of the stops and partners you with a personal coach who WON’T have any other Elevation Clients except for YOU! You’re coach is available 24/7 (even when you wish he/she wasn’t) to provide all of the assistance needed.

Whether your brand-new to fitness or a seasoned vet, whether you need to lose 100lbs or you’re training for elite competitions—your coach is 100% focused on you and ELEVATING your entire life!

What's Included?

  • On-Ramp Consultation Call: Discovery call to outline your goals, limitations, experience, and other factors that will factor into the development of your program. Typically this call will last 45-60 minutes.

  • Detailed, Custom Workout Plan: Built specifically for YOU! Typically includes 3-5 workouts per week and is delivered via FitBot

  • Detailed, Custom Nutrition Plan: Built specifically for YOU! Includes detailed instructions based vital nutrition principles: calorie balance, macronutrient breakdowns, nutrient timing, food composition, and supplementation.

  • Weekly Shopping Lists: Your coach will send weekly grocery lists based on the nutrition plan that you’re prescribed.

  • HD Exercise Demonstration Videos: Within FitBot, you'll find detailed videos for each exercise.

  • Unlimited In-App Messaging With A Coach: Ask questions, get feedback, and ask for modifications if needed.

  • Personalized Dashboard: Access to a dashboard to measure progress, log progress pictures, track your goals, and view any notes/feedback from your coach.

  • One 60-Minute Phone Call Per Month: Monthly calls with your coach to discuss the program, ask questions, and get any necessary adjustments that you need.

  • Four 30-Minute Phone Calls Per Month: Weekly consult calls with your coach for rapid feedback and program modification.

  • Mindset Training Modules: Exercises to improve cognitive performance, focus, and motivation.

  • Plan Updates for Travel: Plan adjustments as needed for work, vacation, etc.

  • Home-Gym Design: Assistance with design and purchasing for people interested in building out their own fitness spaces.

  • Local Service Sourcing: If you need a massage therapist, chiropractor, meal-prep service, or any other service that integrates with your program. Your coach will research and communicate with service providers to ensure that your health and fitness plans are completed integrated.

  • Optional Training Sessions*: When geography allows, you can schedule up to FOUR (4) 1-hour personal training sessions with your coach.

Program Focus:

Will vary based on the specific needs, restrictions, and goals of each client. These Focal Points will be outlined and discussed following the Initial Consultation Call.

This Program Is Perfect For...

People looking for a customized program that is designed specifically to target their goals, destroy their weaknesses, and factor in their lifestyles/limitations. For those who know that making an investment in their health will pay back 100x the cost, this is partnership that will get your past your frustrations.

Skill Level: All Levels

Why the 3-month minimum?

Because this isn't meant to be a quick fix, gimmick program. We're going to invest in you and your health and we want you to do the same. Getting healthy is a process. It doesn't happen overnight, but when you start with the right mindset and then add the right plan, you'll be able to accomplish everything you've wanted.